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The machine is designed for the production of softcovers as well as book blocks for hardcover production.

A gauzing station and an end sheet tipping unit are part of the machine.



- Fully automatic adjustment of all components

- Job data base (repeating jobs can be loaded easily)

- Milling station with dust extraction to external unit

- Hot melt roller application system for spine glue application

- Hot melt nozzle application system for side glue (to be applied onto the cover)

- End sheet tipping device

- Lining (gauzing station)

- Automatic cover feeder

- Pressing station

- Conveyors

- Compensating stacker


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Height:            max. 395 mm - min. 125 mm (max. 15 35/64 inches x min. 4 59/64 inches)

Width:             max. 670 mm - min. 220 mm (max. 26 3/8 inches x min. 8 21/32 inches)

Book blocks

Height:            max. 390 mm - min. 125 mm (max. 15 23/64 inches x min. 4 59/64 inches)

Width:             max. 300 mm - min. 110 mm (max. 11 13/16 inches x min. 4 21/64 inches)

Thickness:      max. 60 mm - min. 5 mm (max. 2 23/64 inches x min. 13/64 inches)

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