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Horizontal casing-in without a wing






mitabook - Construction year 2011 refurbished, 6 months warranty

Installed option

The following option is included in the machine:
• Barcode recognition on case feeder and book block feeder to ensure correct matching of components

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Technical data (partly deviating from current model)

Book width: min. 150 mm - max. 340 mm (min. 5 29/32 inches x 13 25/64 inches)
Book height: min. 150mm - max. 400 mm (min. 5 29/32 inches x 15 3/4 inches)
Block thickness: min. 2 mm - max. 20 mm (min. 5/64 inches x 25/32 inches)
Case thickness: min. 1,5 mm - max. 2,5 mm (min. 1/16 inches x 3/32 inches)
Production speed: up to 7 books / minute - depending on format
Electrics: 400 V, 3 PNE, 50 Hz
Power requirements: 7kW
Air consumption: 110 Nl/Min. (6 bar)
Floor space: 2 x 2,5 m
Weight: ca. 1.000 kg (ca. 2204.6 lbs)

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